Kinrande Fresh Water Jar with Lid (Mizusashi)

Kinrande Fresh Water Jar with Lid (Mizusashi)
Kotō ware, painting by Meihō; height 15.0 cm, mouth diameter 14.5 cm; Edo period, 19th century; Gift of the Ii Family

The painter Meihō, who decorated this jar for holding fresh water in chanoyu, was invited to work in Hikone during the time of twelfth daimyo Naoaki, when Kotō ware was being produced under the direct control of the domain. The goose among reeds depicted on the body and the moon amid clouds on the lid are favorite themes of the autumn season. The fine lines of the goose feathers illustrate the artist’s superlative skill. The piece was damaged by fire at the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, as seen in darkish areas around the painting.

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