Semehimo (Drawstring-Lugged) Kettle

Semehimo (Drawstring-Lugged) Kettle
Tenmyō ware; height 18.5 cm, mouth diameter 11.0 cm; Muromachi period, 16th century ; Gift of the Ii Family

The Tenmyō district of the present-day city of Sano, Tochigi Prefecture, was known for the production of iron kettles of this type used in chanoyu. The name semehimo-gama comes from the location of lugs (kantsuki) for inserting the kettle-lifting rings (kan) close to the lid, as they would be on a tea jar. Semehimo refers to the custom of tying the lid on a tea jar through lugs placed near the lid to firmly seal its contents. The swelling shape of the body and the rugged, undecorated surface imbue this kettle with an imposing air.

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