Bamboo Tea Scoop Named “Yamashigure”

Bamboo Tea Scoop Named “Yamashigure”
Length: scoop 18.0 cm, case 20.7 cm; Edo period, 17th century; Gift of the Ii Family

This tea scoop (chashaku) was crafted by Kobori Masatada (1625–1694), third son of the famous daimyo tea master Kobori Enshū. The tomozutsu case, also made by Masatada, bears the name “Yamashigure” (late-autumn mountain showers). The scoop has a “sword-tip” style scoop end and is made of a section of bamboo with an interesting “landscape” of speckles and black spots. This scoop was used to serve usucha (thin tea) at the Rinchikaku tea house in the Genkyūen garden when Ii Naosuke held a tea gathering there in 1854.

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