Gagaku Percussion Instruments

Gagaku Percussion Instruments
Height (tsuri-daiko) 115.2 cm, (kakko) 41.2 cm, (shōko) 71.5 cm; Edo period, 18th to 19th century; Gift of the Ii Family

This set of three gagaku percussion instruments consists of a tsuri-daiko suspended drum (center in the photo), kakko horizontal drum (right), and shōko gong (left). All were made in the Edo period. Their stands and frames are decorated with a viningmotif in maki-e lacquer on a black ground. Dragons adorn the flame-shaped metal ornament at the top of the tsuri-daiko frame; the body of the kakko drum and the central part of the tsuri-daiko are decorated with phoenixes. The drums bear the family crests of the Date and Inaba daimyo families, suggesting this set may have been part of a trousseau.

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