Color on paper; 46.0 cm x 66.9 cm; Muromachi period, 16th century; Gift of the Ii Family

The inscription at upper right is by court noble Konoe Taneie (1503–1566). It says that a certain iron teapot handed down for more than 700 years in a family in the Kantō region was named “Urashima” for its association with long life, and that Taneie was asked to write a poem in connection with Urashima (upper left). The fisherman casting his line in the inlet of a small, lushly wooded island evokes the Urashima Tarō legend. The sophisticated painting technique in the formal shintai style was likely the work of Kanō Motonobu (d. 1559) or a painter close to him. Ii Naoaki purchased the painting in 1832.

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